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Summary Reporting

Owners need to be informed of how well their Self Storage property is performing. RPM goes above and beyond to provide reporting meeting those needs.
Monthly accounting
At the end of each month, usually within the first few days of the following month, Owners receive a summary report from RPM. This is an at-a-glance report of how the property performed the previous month. The spreadsheet tracks all revenue streams as well as occupancy statistics, rentals and vacates for the previous month. A written summary keeps owners informed of other activities such as completed repair and maintenance work, marketing performance and any potential issues that came up and how they will be addressed.
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Revenue Accuracy

At the close of each month, the operating bank account is reconciled with QuickBooks accounting system and Sitelink Operating software to ensure accuracy of revenue and expenditure numbers. Although bookkeeping is done through QuickBooks, RPM has developed a detailed accounting system in an Excel spreadsheet format to provide faster review for Owners. Of course, traditional QuickBooks account reports (P&L Report, Income Statement, and Cash Flow) are provided, as well as bank account reconciliations.
Relationship driven
At RPM we emphasize building strong and trusted relationships with the Owners we serve. We nurture those relationships by keeping our Owners abreast of how their property is performing at all times. Communication is key to a trusted relationship.
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