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Leverage Digital Marketing

The REITs have enormous marketing budgets and leave private owners thinking they are never going to have a level playing field to compete. But internet presence can go a long way towards slaying that dragon. RPM partners with an outstanding team of web professionals who know how to boost internet presence through SEO (search engine optimization) at very reasonable rates. In most cases, usually in a very short amount of time, they are able to get front page presence on internet searches, making the properties RPM manages more visible to the people searching for self-storage. Properties whose websites don’t show up until page 2 or 3 of internet searches or who don’t have a mobile friendly website are missing valuable opportunities.
Keeping current
Our staff makes the most of free internet opportunities which work to drive results to property websites. Getting your business seen by the public on both internet and mobile searches is the first critical step in driving leads. It is where people go today to find self-storage.
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Web Strategies

We sometimes utilize proven and effective methods such as pay-per-click ads to drive leads, but we are very selective in doing so. We never spend marketing dollars that don’t generate a solid ROI and always according to the needs of a particular location. Each facility is different and has unique setbacks and opportunities. We take the time to develop a marketing program that produces results for each facility based on their local marketplace.
In certain situations, depending on the needs of a location, we may choose to use an aggregator, such as SpareFoot, to generate additional leads when needed. This is done on a very selective basis and we closely monitor specific unit sizes and types to ensure money is never spent needlessly. RPM has negotiated discounted rates with aggregators to minimize this expense.
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