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Daily Operations Monitoring

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Daily Operations

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At RPM we closely monitor the daily operations of the properties we manage. Most management companies – including all of the major REITs – conduct monthly store visits. Our philosophy is that once a month store visits are not adequate to maintain consistent superior operations. While store visits may vary depending on the needs of a particular location, we make every effort to conduct a minimum of two store visits per month.
Each store visit will have a specific agenda, depending on store needs, as well as a general agenda to check for consistency. Specific agendas may include such items as file audits, training in a certain aspect of operations, marketing initiatives, or reviewing repair and maintenance needs. General agenda items include such things as curb appeal and facility cleanliness, safety concerns, review of current rates and store delinquency.

At the conclusion of each store visit, notes are reviewed and staff are given a list of focus items to bring up to standard. We also spend a portion of each store visit on team building. We genuinely care about staff and want to leave them feeling appreciated for the job they do. This in return, motives them to perform even better.
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RePair & Maintenance

Repair and maintenance can be a very large expenditure, particularly at older properties. We monitor R&M issues closely to ensure we are getting quality repairs done at the best possible prices. Repairs are typically done only after receiving multiple bids by trusted vendors.

We have established trusted relationships with a few vendors who we are confident will always provide quality work at a fair price. In most cases, general maintenance issues are handled in-house with store staff, provided this can be accomplished without hindrance to normal store operations. This keeps maintenance costs as low as possible. Other maintenance issues such as lawn service or pest control (if necessary) will be scrutinized closely to ensure the best value and service.

General management also includes many other issues that occur regularly such as dealing with customer issues which may have escalated beyond the store manager, negotiating service contracts, safety compliance (OSHA, ADA, fire, etc.), addressing office equipment and supply needs, monitoring hours of operation and keeping an eye on area development.

In a nutshell, under general management RPM takes care of all the things an Owner doesn’t have the time or the desire to do. Go. Live your life – take a vacation, while RPM Storage Management LLC grows your asset.
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