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Today’s marketplace is all about rave reviews and social media. You want the best story about your facility circulating the net. A properly trained staff that are servant leaders will make a difference.
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Having the right staffing is critical to maximizing the efficiency and productivity of any self-storage property. With certification in both Integrity Interviewing and Hiring for Attitude, we minimize the chances of having the wrong staff at your property from the very start. Making a good hire is only the first step in developing a great self-storage manager or assistant. RPM provides new hires with an extensive training program followed up by a company culture of servant leadership, coaching and on-going training. We firmly belief a happy employee with an attitude for betterment and who is treated with respect will be productive beyond expectations.
After the initial training is completed and a new employee is allowed to work unsupervised, they are provided with a well-written Standard Operations Manual. RPM keeps constant phone and email contact with employees, and there is a well-trained network of RPM co-workers who all follow the same guiding principles, ready to help new employees. AT RPM we know, we will only be as good as the people we hire, train and coach. We take that seriously and work hard to maintain the best RPM employee base to serve the needs of our Owners and their properties.
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Staffing is only part of the employee puzzle. RPM provides an all-inclusive program so Owners never have to worry over the mundane tasks of employment regulations, worker’s compensation insurance, payroll and employee taxes. We take care of all these things and provide Owners with a detailed accounting of staffing expenses.
Our employee bonus program is entirely incentive based so employees only make bonus money when they produce expected results. Overtime hours are closely monitored and avoided whenever possible.
Consistency is key. Take for example the success of fast food chains. McDonalds and others enjoy great success because the restaurant in New York serves the exact same food, made with the same process, as the one in Texas. Although self-storage properties may be unique and have different issues, the basic policies and procedures are the same at all locations.

The RPM Standard Operating Procedures Manual was developed over many years of successful self-storage management. Having worked with a variety of companies, both small and large, we have honed down the procedures that work effectively and eliminated those that don’t. We stay abreast of changes in the industry and are quick to make necessary policy changes to ensure regulatory compliance and ease of operation.
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